All The World’s A Bakery 

And We Are Merely Dough


"I wonder what would happen if I doooo.... THIS!"

Two great hands of pure energy came down from the darkness of space and gripped the small world as if it was so much putty.

"Maybe a little water will make it a tad more pliable."

Storms as the planet had never seen drenched the sphere as it’s tiny residents fled for shelter in whatever means they could find.

"I don’t like these bumps that are all over it any more. Maybe I’ll smooth them out."

Mountains that had stood for millions of years flattened under the onslaught that nothing could resist. Rivers that had water flowing to the course that they wanted had their will changed. The oceans went dry and the lands wet as all became one.

The Earth became what it once was, a featureless ball awaiting features. Waiting for anything to give it individuality. Perhaps a wrinkle here or a mound there.

"Where’s my stick, a smooth ball is no fun."

Valleys appeared and mountains grew as the creativity of the molder let itself loose. Where life was once wiped out, new forms of the living took their place already adapted to the new configuration present. They had no memory of what had happened or where they had come from, only that they exist and the history of their civilization as they were meant to know.

"Naw, that’s not right."


"Awww, Mom."

Jeffrey J. Sick
İMay 1, 1987

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