Pineapple Melomel Ver 1.3

for 5 gallons



3 quarts raw honey (I used Orange Blossom Honey from the Buffalo co-op)
2.5 pt. White Grape Concentrate (or one can... whatever)
half the contents of a pouch of Sweet Mead liquid yeast (half because I’m making two 5 gallon batches this time)
5.5 l (10pt) Pineapple Juice (or four cans... again, whatever)
1 tsp tannin
17 gm. citric acid
3 tsp yeast nutrients
2 tbs all spice
10 campden tabs to start


Dissolve honey, tannin, citric acid, nutrients and spice in warm water. Then add pineapple juice, grape concentrate and cold water to bring to 5 gallons, add campden tabs. Let sit for 24 hours and add yeast starter. Ferment until gravity drops to 0 (or... whenever) , rack and add 5 tabs.

Siphon and filter into sterilized jug, add 3 campden tablets put fermentation lock back on

Let stand one month, rack and filter

Let stand a second month and rack and filter

For third month: use clearing agent

Filter and bottle

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