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Hi There!, Welcome to the "Sick" Home Page from Jeffrey James Wolfanger Sick, though not really a sick page at all, not even the sniffles.
Sorry to disappoint you if you read something else into the name. This is (was) just a simple launching point for me and others that I'm getting started on the Net to go from when we fire up the Web. This page was originally written in the early days of the web hence the old look.... that and the fact I haven't had a reason to modernize the code I use. This is simply sitting here still from those days.

Oh, What A Tangled World Wide Web We Weave
I think I made that up (remember I wrote that in 95). Whoop-de-do. Big Deal. Just say OWATWWWWW.

Here is the home to the Official Home Page of The Wonderland Tarot, take a look.

If you're interested in old images of Niagara Falls, I have a bunch of 100+ year old postcards and some other images that I scanned.

Motorcycles?...Here's Mine

Here's Lakota, the Wolf that I [use to] sponsor. There is also a link there for LOTS of Wolf Pics and Wallpaper. Click my name up near the Wolf to find a couple of short stories and some Mead recipes.

Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game

Brought to you by the letters H, L, and the numbers 6 and 9

This page has been around since Nov. 14, 1995. The counter long since gone.

This page and it's contents are copyrighted 1995-2011 because they need to be for some reason or another (and the line about Weaving).

And I take NO responsibility for spelling.

alt.sports.football.pro.buffalo-billsGO BILLS!!!

Congratulations! You made it to the bottom!

Have a Cookie.*

*Not the browser kind, I wrote this before that all started coming up. I was thinking of Don Rickles

Still looking for fine print? Trust me, it looks even smaller on my monitor.

And the Number One Excuse IS...
Under construction, and always will be.


Where did you want to be today?

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